SNES and N64 Video Game Quiz – Can you level up? (Expert Level)

We take a trip down memory lane with some classic, challenging, and rewarding SNES and N64 video games.

See if you can test your knowledge and guess the level name of these classics.

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What level is this?

How rewarding was it to pull off your first trick attatck? Whether carving the half pipe or racing down the courses 1080 Snowboarding was one of the few winter sports games to be memorable for the N64. Get your snow gear on and try to get new secret characters.

1. Shiny Pines
2. Forest Run
3. Golden Forest
4. Pine Valley
5. Yellow Mountain
Question 2 of 15.

What level is this?

Who could forget the introduction of two of the coolest characters around, Banjo-Kazooie. This level was an awesome adventure, having you search all over for puzzle pieces.

1. Sandy Cove
2. Sandy Beach
3. Pirate Bay
4. Paradise Beach
5. Treasure Trove Cove
Question 3 of 15.

What level is this?

The home of Ryo when we feel like throwing some energy balls as enemies. Street Fighter TURBO II for SNES all the way!

1. Hawaii
2. Japan
3. Thailand
4. Phillipines
5. China

Hurricane Punch, night night!

Ryu hails from Japan!

Question 4 of 15.

What level is this?

Super Mario 64 was a classic for the N64 platform, introducing us to beautiful worlds in 3D with the brands main character. Collect those stars!

1. Lagoon
2. Jolly Roger Bay
3. Sea World Dive
4. Deep Sea Dive
5. Shipwreck
Question 5 of 15.

What level is this?

Oddjob your main character of choice? This Goldeneye N64 game is a classic in the FPS category.

1. Basement
2. Archives
3. Warehouse
4. Caves
5. Bunker
Question 6 of 15.

What level is this?

Pow Pow, Select! Super Punch-Out was the successor of Punch Out. One of your early boxing matches was with this Canadian boss.

1. Bear Hugger
2. Big Joe
3. Bald Brawler
4. Canuck
5. Canadian Grizly
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What level is this?

Roll the dice and see what happens! Mario Party 2 style, save your joystick!

1. Cactus World
2. Desert Land
3. Cowboy Land
4. Western Land
5. Wild West
Question 8 of 15.

What level is this?

With a catchy soundtrack and lovable characters Star Fox for SNES was a classic by anyone's measure. Probably one of the most frustrating things on this level was to get taken out by something other than an enemy.

1. Saturns Ring
2. Outer Rim
3. Asteroid
4. Space Junk
5. Deep Space
Question 9 of 15.

What level is this?

Mariokart <3 SNES style. This level with its drop offs was SUPER ANNOYING.

1. Scary Track
2. Ghostly Castle
3. Ghost Valley
4. Haunted Ghosts
5. Drop Off Zone


Ghost Valley. You're a true Mariokart master.

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What level is this?

Zelda Ocarina of Time for N64 was an amazing journey across multiple lands. One of the top games of all time!

1. Aquamarine
2. Highlands of the West
3. Water Temple
4. Aqua Level
5. Highlands of the West

Water Temple!

This was such a pain, feed the fish and get access to the water temple! An N64 classic, this is debatable as the best Legend of Zelda instalment out there.

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What level is this?

Swinging from tree to tree grabbing bananas! Donkey Kong SNES was a platform classic, and this side scroll is ingrained in peoples memories.

1. Tropical Jump
2. Tree Top Jump
3. Vine Valley
4. Canopy Crawl
5. Jungle Jump
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What level is this?

A racing classic, speeding through different worlds and hoping you see a power up lane before retiring. This SNES classic had everyone picking a different racer and trying to take home the cup.

1. Jupitor Jump
2. Ocean Drive
3. Big Blue
4. Tropical Storm
5. Wave City
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What level is this?

One of the games to come boxed with early purchases of the N64 system, Cruisin' USA was an addictive racer with annoying repercussions for bad driving. Between the traffic with cars and trucks, and the trees, this level was uber challenging!

1. Vermont Mountains
2. Oregon Trail
3. State Park
4. BC Highway
5. Redwood Forest
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What level is this?

Easily one of the most challenging games on the SNES, Contra II the Alien Wars was a fun shoot-um-up' game with lots of replay value. The only way to conquer this game is to memorize everything! For 30 Lives: Press Right, Down, Down-Right, Right, Start.

1. Boss Base
2. Alien Base
3. Alien Zone
4. Pit of Doom
5. Space Zone
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What level is this?

Swing away! Mario Golf 64 was a genre classic, and one of the best.

1. Baddie Links
2. Koopas Bunker Revenge
3. Bunkers and Fairways
4. Bowser Greens
5. Koopa Park

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SNES and N64 Video Game Quiz - Can you level up? (Expert Level)

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