Can You Name These Animal Groups?

Everyone knows that a group of Wolves is a Pack,

But can you name these other gangs?

Question 1 of 20.

What do you call a gang/group of Crabs?

1. A Monopoly
2. A Pinch
3. A Duopoly
4. A Consortium

A consortium (It has a business-like ring to it)

Question 2 of 20.

A gang of wise Owls is called a?

1. a senate
2. a legislature
3. an office
4. a parliament

It's called a Parliament!

Question 3 of 20.

A gang of crows is called a?

1. a swarm
2. a club
3. a murder
4. a vestage

Yes, it's a murder!

Question 4 of 20.

What do you call a club/group/gang of Squid?

1. Pod
2. Squish
3. Audience
4. School

It's an Audience!

Question 5 of 20.

What do you call a gang/club/group of Sharks?

1. Chill
2. Shiver
3. Coryza
4. Troop

Yep, it's Shiver - maybe because they are cold blooded?

Question 6 of 20.

A group of Larks is called?

1. a choir
2. a flock
3. a celestial
4. a prayer

of course it's a flock!

Question 7 of 20.

A group of Whales is called a?

1. a pod
2. orcai
3. college
4. a tribe

Yes, it's a pod of whales

Question 8 of 20.

What do you call a group of Salamanders?

1. a Wave
2. a Cloud
3. A Squeet
4. a Maelstrom

A Maelstrom! And did you know here are over 500 species of salamanders on Earth

Question 9 of 20.

A group of Seals is called?

1. Bob
2. Harem
3. Pod
4. All of the above

All of the these: Colony, Pod, Rookery, Harem, Spring and Bob

Question 10 of 20.

What do they call a gang/club of Lobsters?

1. Risk
2. Tribe
3. Pond
4. Scrabble

They are a Risk

Question 11 of 20.

A group of Rabbits is called a?

1. a bundle
2. a covey
3. a cuddle
4. a banting

It's called a Covey

Question 12 of 20.

What do you call a group of Storks?

1. A Senate
2. A Fleet
3. A Muster
4. A Congress

They are called a Muster

Question 13 of 20.

A group of hounds is called?

1. a hoard
2. a cry
3. a littler
4. a pound

It's a cry

Question 14 of 20.

What is another name for a school of fish?

1. A Gang
2. A Shoal
3. A Tribe
4. A Poddle

It's a Schoal (that was a tough one!)

Question 15 of 20.

What is the correct name for a group of Zebras?

1. Zeal
2. Smack
3. Keen
4. Herd

They are called a Zeal

Question 16 of 20.

A group of Hawks is called?

1. boil
2. scramble
3. poach
4. gross

It's a boil! And, although they generally nest together, they don't usually fly together

Question 17 of 20.

A group of Foxes is called?

1. a family
2. a skulk
3. a pack
4. a den

Yep, it's a skulk of foxes

Question 18 of 20.

What do you call a group of spiders?

1. A Web
2. A Mess
3. Haywired
4. A Clutter

Yep, it's a Clutter - Spiders probably aren't the tidiest of creatures, maybe that's why the name?

Question 19 of 20.

A group/gang/club of bears is called?

1. a den
2. a sleuth
3. oh my!
4. a troop

It's a sleuth

Question 20 of 20.

A group of Kangaroos is called a?

1. A club
2. A mob
3. A Cohort
4. Joeys

A Mob! Of course they are

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All 20 questions completed!

Can You Name These Animal Groups?

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